Indications for use

Broad spectrum of applications

SIROLaser Advance and SIROLaser Xtend offer a wide spectrum of applications. But that is not all: Low-pain treatment leads to more relaxed patients, more efficient treatment procedures and permanently good clinical results.

Minor intervention, major effect

Better healing process and less postoperative discomfort: By using a laser, you will expand your existing treatment alternatives with a number of new applications, added to traditional treatment methods.


Biopsy, Abscess, Epulis & Fibroma removal, Exposure of unerupted/partially erupted teeth, Frenectomy, Frenotomy, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Hemostasis, Implant uncovery, Incisions/Excisions, Incisions and draining of abscesses, Crown lengthening, Laser assisted flap surgery, Leukoplakia, Operculectomy, Papillectomy, Vestibuloplasty, Excisions of lesions and hyperplasias


Pulpotomy, Pulpotomy as adjunct to root canal therapy


Sulcular debridement, Gingival incisions of granulation tissue


Aphthous ulcers, Treatment of canker sores and herpetic ulcers of the oral mucosa

Indications for use