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Dr. Wyatt SiroLaser Profile

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"Hands down the best 'diode' available today..."

As someone who has owned three 810nm lasers from three different companies in the past, which were about the same, I never saw results like I've seen with the 980nm SIROLaser Advance from SIRONA. Its cordless portability coupled with its power and full functionality, makes it hands down the best "diode" in any wavelength available today.

Kevin Pawlowicz, D.D.S.

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"SIROLaser Advance helps me achieve..."

"As a dental hygienist, treating my patients fully to health is of utmost concern. SIRONA's 980nm SIROLaser Advance is a tool that helps me achieve that better than any other existing laser. In addition to preset function options allowing instant treatment, the SIROLaser Advance's characteristic color touch screen makes it easily accessible. I am able to reach and treat all those difficult areas because of its highly adaptable fiber."

Chloe Huey, RDH